My philosophy of comfort food…

To me the definition of comfort food is not just in the eating, but in the creating. 

It’s a dish that you love to make, it’s foolproof and it always tastes great.  For me, my signature comfort food dish is risotto. 

Let me explain…

First, you work out your frustrations of the day by rigorously chopping the celery then finely dicing the onion and garlic.  Then, there’s the sensory aspect: the crackling sound as you stir in the rice and then the heady scent of white wine evaporating.

Making risotto requires your full concentration.  The slow adding of stock, as you stir to release the starches, transforming the grains into a delicious creaminess with still a little bite.  It’s a form of kitchen meditation.

Another advantage of risotto is its versatility.  You can have fun. Once you have mastered the basic risotto base, you can experiment with different versions. Follow Jamie Oliver’s version and you’ll have risus optimus.

a basic risotto recipe | Jamie Oliver Recipes (UK) or a basic risotto recipe | Jamie Oliver Recipes (US)

Making risotto is relaxing (especially with a glass of wine).  It may even inspire you creatively. 

Thanks to a   Beet, Mint and Feta Risotto  Seasonally Adjusted now exists.


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