About Seasonally Adjusted – a journal of eating better…

Seasonally Adjusted is a journal of an adventure around eating better.  And it is just that: an adventure.  This blog is not a planned excursion into the world of eating better instead it is a find out along the way journey.

I am a home cook. Or rather a lapsed home cook.  And Seasonally Adjusted is my way of connecting back to a love of cooking and “proper food”.  I can’t promise amazing photography or foolproof recipes.

I also admit that while I am a curious culinarian, I am only just beginning my epicurian education, so please share your advice, recipes and lesson learned.

Why Seasonally Adjusted?

  1. HEALTH – I want to eat healthier.  I have an active lifestyle but I let myself down with the food choices that I make.
  2. JOURNAL – I want to have a record of my recipes and experiments – good and bad.
  3. COMMUNITY – I want to connect with a community of like-minded people and be inspired.
  4. HAPPINESS – I want to experience the joy of cooking again and see if eating better has an impact on mood.
  5. EXPLORATION – I want to go on a sensory journey trying new foods and also to educate my palate about what food tastes like when in season.
  6. UNDERSTANDING – I want to understand the challenges are of eating seasonal foods and to learn more about food.
  7. CREATIVITY – I want to write about something which interests me.
  8. ENVIRONMENT – I want to do my bit for the environment by trying to reduce my food miles.


Please support me on my journey to eat better and eat the seasons by sharing seasonal eating tips, recipes and feedback.



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